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The Loft Project

Project: Design + Build all aspects of this 1,650 sq. ft. live / work loft space in a historic warehouse, Jack London Square, Oakland.  

Goal:  Create an inspired yet functional design that worked with, rather than against, the spacing of the existing concrete columns.  With an appreciation for juxtaposition, and the seemingly new elements created by combining contrasting styles, we aimed to take this stoic, 1920's concrete warehouse and combine it with elements of a home built in the same era, rather than recreate the traditional "loft" style found in similar buildings. While the loft would be a work space with plenty of tables and countertops to spread projects, it would also be a home for living, relaxing, and entertaining.

We turned this...


into this...!


In the Beginning... We demo'd any existing partially-completed walls, and the resultant raw space was our blank canvas. 

We turned this view...



...into this view. 


Automated blackout curtains and cinema screen were a fun feature; the movie projector sits comfortably in a built-in niche above the row of cinema chairs, which we sourced from a local theater.  We built a rolling platform on which the theater chairs sit, so that they could easily be moved to a different part of the room, should the occasion arise. 


Building the framing for the canopy ceilings was one of the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of this project.








Canopy ceiling, detail.



View of the completed kitchen and canopy ceiling arches.

 Kitchen Island in-progress.



Features of the kitchen island include an illuminated curio, dishwasher housing, and drawer and cabinet storage on all four sides.  Marquee light sets the mood for entertaining or watching a movie on the cinema screen. 



Kitchen cabinetry sketch, on sheetrock.


Kitchen cabinetry, detail.


(photo by Apartment Therapy).


A custom hood for the custom cabinetry.



Under cabinet lighting adds to the ease of making an early morning cup in the coffee corner.


One of our favorite features in the kitchen -- this cabinet designed specifically to hold a vase of fresh flowers!   (photo by Apartment Therapy).



The "Before" view when entering the loft.


Entryway, In-Progress.


The completed Entryway.  Because the rest of the loft received so much light, we wanted to create a darkened, intimate area from which to enter.



Domed ceiling, entryway.  (photo by Apartment Therapy).


"Before" shot of the Master Bedroom (above).


Master Bedroom.


(photo by Apartment Therapy).

 Master Bath.


Guest Bedroom.


Guest Bath.


Home Office (photo by Apartment Therapy).

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