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Solar Pergola

Project:   Pergola with mounted solar panels, built over a large aviary (15' x 60' x 15' high).

Goal:    Our client has a beautiful Victorian style home and manicured gardens of flowering plants and citrus trees. While interested in solar power, our client was nervous that the solar panels might appear unsightly and out of place.  We were able to design + build a structure which met both their aesthetic and functional needs.  Today, our client's home is powered entirely by solar power.  Instead of becoming a focal point in the garden, the solar panels go unnoticed by most visitors.  In addition to providing safe cover for birds in the aviary, the pergola provides a shady refuge on a hot summer day, and many additional benefits.

The Process:


We begin with a structural frame made from Contact Pressure Treated Douglas Fir. 

Then we cover each piece of lumber with heavy duty Maintenance Free UV Resistant Vinyl. 

With scaffolding in place, the structure gets bolted together with Heavy Duty Hot Dip Galvanized nuts, bolts & hardware.


Did we mention the aviary housed a variety of exotic birds and chickens?  When building the pergola, we would often need to enter the aviary, and it was a daily challenge not to disturb or frighten the birds.  Our client was very concerned about the birds, and thankfully we completed the project with all birds alive and well.


 Finally, the new pergola is covered with Solar Panels, providing enough power to pay for itself.

A happy crew, after a job well done.

Pergola and Solar Panels appear as if they've always been a part of the landscaping.

The Pergola provides a shady place to relax on a hot summer day.


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