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Salvaged Lumber Treehouse

Project:  Custom Treehouse + Observation Deck

Goal:  This back yard was blessed with an incredible view. Our clients dreamed of creating a treehouse that would meet the whims of their young and adventurous grandchildren.  However, they also wanted something comfortable and accessible so they could enjoy it too.  We designed two staircases -- one with an easy-access gentle slope, and another steeper ladder-style staircase that is somewhat hidden from view, for the kids.  Made from salvaged lumber, this treehouse has turned into a source of enjoyment for the entire family.  It's a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee (and that view!) on a quiet morning, and on the hottest days of summer the treehouse provides a shaded oasis. All this and... we were able to build the treehouse without attachments, so that not a single screw or nail penetrates the tree. 



It all starts with a sketch...


Why the front panels in the front and back?  Since this treehouse is all about view, we wanted a railing that would be open and compliment the horizon.  But, every treehouse / fort needs a parapet to avoid the possible onslaught from Super-Soakers and water balloons.


We built this from 99% re-used lumber.  Even a lot of the paint and hardware is leftover from other projects.  The final colors, the white and light gray of the deck match the house below.




The Grand Entrance...




There is no attachment by way of any screw or nail penetrating the tree. 

The spool table is attached to the trunk via a large adjustable clamp made from 2x4's and all-thread bolts. 
Take a seat, relax, and enjoy...!


This thing's crazy strong.  It's about 10 feet up at the lowest corner, but no wiggle when you're up there.  We painted the posts and the bracing underneath a darker color so that they blend in with the surrounding foliage.  From down the street it looks like the Mothershop hovering in the trees.



The ladder-style staircase is somewhat hidden, and provides an alternative route for the young and adventurous.




We terraced the slope with old railroad ties.  It also helps create paths and adds dimension to the play area underneath.


Nestled high upon the hill...


Enjoying the 4th of July fireworks from the treehouse deck...!

We'd love to design + build your treehouse!  Please contact us for a quote.

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