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"Faces In the Crowd" Profile on A+B Founder Josh Ganzhorn, April 2015.

"Jet-set Living Touches Down..."         Tarmac Ladder featured, May 2014,     Market Tabloid issue.

"Challenging Open Floor Plan in Airstream Renovation"
"The Ambassador of Cool" Summer 2011 "Monkey Business" A profile of Able + Baker, Style & Design issue, March 2012
"The LP Room Divider...is such a great idea.  We could see it becoming a focal point in any room" July 2008 "Top 10 Spots for Hidden Storage" The Modern Library Bin:  February 2012
Pro Portfolio:  1968 Airstream Ambassador Remodel LP Room Divider, December 2010
Airstream Project: Featured as a Leading Creative Project on the Behance Network.  March, 2013. Modern Library Storage Bin featured in BHG Special Interest Publication, July 2012
"Calling All Bookworms" The Modern Library Storage Bin:  January 2013 The Modern Library Storage Bin "an elegant solution for maximizing storage space...utterly unique", January 2013
Bund Pictorial:  December 2011 Hiding Clutter Behind Book Spines:  Modern Library Storage Bin, June 2012
"Unforgettable Gifts from Able + Baker" December 2011 "Time to covet a new consumer product...the Modern Library Storage Bin" June 2012
63rd Prime Time Emmy Awards:  Our LP Room Divider made an Emmy part appearance, W Hotel Lounge.  September 2011 "Home Highlights" September 2011
LP Room Divider "A vinyl lovers dream investment" April 2010 Modern Library Storage Bin
"Eye on the environment: More ideas for reusing rather than discarding" January 2011 "Able And Baker completely transformed this late sixties Airstream into a 28' rolling office that rivals just about any hipster loft space in San Francisco or New York" April 2011
The Deal:  Able & Baker Designs, December 2011 The Loft Project, December 2009
"12 Coolest Room Dividers" December 2009 Father's Day Gifts:  Four Square Record Frame, Dec. 2010
"Create an artsy abode...with a Four Square Record Frame" "Entryway Inspirations" July 2009
"...perfect place to tuck away anything..." June 2009 "Doll Head Gate:  Incredibly original..." June 2009
Etsy Handmade Moment Video "Live from my woodshop" 2009 "Able + Baker... is about to embark on a journey to transform an old Airstream trailer into an office.  We can't wait to see the final results." July 2009















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