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Modern Library Storage Bin FAQ

Why are you cutting up all of these good books?  Couldn't they be used in schools or libraries instead of being destroyed?

We use books that, for various reasons, have been discarded by libraries, book shops, and thrift stores.  By the time we get to them, they have already had booksellers, appraisers, and charitable organizations comb through their collections.  We do not destroy rare or high-value books.  We are often the last stop before the dump or recycling station.  We are book lovers and it is our goal to put books back on the shelf, in a form that meets our modern needs.  Whether because of a funny book title, a Bin's color palette, or the simple pleasure of the touch and feel of an old book, we have found that in this new form, books continue to bring joy into our customer's homes.  In addition, a portion of our proceeds from sales are donated to the Books for Kids Foundation.

Wait.  What?  How does my purchase of a Modern Library Bin put books into the hands of kids?
We are proud to say that a portion of our proceeds from sales are donated to the Books for Kids Foundation.
Can the book bins be made in other sizes?

Yes, what size do you need?  Because we build these in our woodshop, Bins are available in custom sizes. We request a one-time set up fee of $55 on all custom orders.

Why can I see a little bit of box at the tops of some of the books?

We try to build each Bin so that the book spines do not protrude above the height of the wooden bin itself. By doing this, one grabs the bin, rather than the books, which we feel will make a longer lasting product. Because there is variation in book height, and we build to the tallest book, some of the shorter books leave a little wood showing. It has been our experience that, when sitting on a shelf, people do not generally notice that it is not a row of books, unless it is pointed out to them.

What are the boxes made of?

Each Bin is constructed from furniture quality all wood 9-Ply Baltic Birch, with an eco-friendly, non-toxic, Low-VOC clear finish. These Bins are heavy duty, and we build each Bin just as we would build drawer boxes for custom cabinetry.

What do they cost so much?

Each Bin is built by hand in our Southern California woodshop.  We do not simply purchase pre-made boxes and adhere book spines.  We use high quality materials in order to provide you with a product that is built to last.  Although in poor condition, the price of the books themselves represent a significant portion of our costs.  Although more expensive, we choose to use eco-friendly materials and finishes --  Healthier for us, and healthier for you.

Bins are not only functional, they are a one-of-a-kind piece of art, signed and numbered. 

Your purchase directly supports the designer, and allows them to continue to develop their craft, or pay for basic amenities like health insurance and food for the family.  Each purchase is an investment in an artist, the quality of their work, and the story behind each piece.

Can I send you my own books?

Are your beloved books taking up valuable shelf space?  We'll be happy to make Bins with books from your personal collection.  Your books must be hardcover, and be 7.5" - 8.5" tall.  Each Bin is approx. 12" wide, so please make sure that your collection of books can span 12" across. Please  contact us with info about your books .

Can I request certain types of books?

Yes, we enjoy making themed Bins!  Theme ideas include kids books, cookbooks, sports, religion, hollywood, and history.

Is there a discount for ordering more than one at a time?

 At this time, our Modern Library Storage Bins are $58 each, or two for $100.

We notice you make use of the book spines, but what do you do with the covers and pages?
 Book covers and pages are passed along to fellow artisans and re-use stores, for use in a wide variety of projects. 


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