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Cummins Cal Pacific

We performed this interior remodel of Cummins Cal Pacific in Ventura, California while the business remained open! 


This was one of the more challenging projects we’ve tackled, but everyone agrees it turned out great.

Although it may not look like a green project, but we used a lot of great new products that are either made from recycled materials, or are easily recycled when its time for a facelift in 50 years.

It’s difficult to see in the photos, but these beautiful wood panels are made from one of our favorite wood species, Vertical Grain Doug Fir (often used in Japanese restaurants and Craftsman homes). 

All of the wood products are made with FSC Certified materials.  Typically, particle board is the opposite of Green but our laminate cabinets (White and Red) are made with a particle board core that is made without harmful glues or chemicals and uses recycled content.  The back lit walls and desk panels are made from highly recyclable aluminum and polycarbonate, so no scrap ended up in a landfill. 


We didn’t have a whole lot of design input, but I did pick out the cabinet pulls.  Since it’s a diesel business, I thought these pulls resembled car door handles.

View from the warehouse.

This fantastic design is by David Ferrin and crew at Arketype Architects in Ventura, Cal.; Photos by Bobby Do Right Photography.

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