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Calle Pecos Deck

Project:  Design + Build 1,400 sq. ft. Ipe deck for a mid-century Ranch style home in Southern California. 

Goal:  To create a party friendly, child friendly, outdoor space suitable for casual backyard bar-b-ques, formal dinner parties, and the everyday needs of this family of six.  The exterior of this mid-century home lacked defining characteristics, so we designed the deck to bring back the inherent ranch-style qualities which had been lost over time.

The "Before" shots:

The existing deck was linear and narrow, which did not make for easy entertaining.  In the years leading up to the deck project, the family rarely spent time on the deck or felt equipped to entertain. 



We create design renderings set the tone and lay out the details, and we're all excited about where we're headed. 


With their new deck, our clients are able to spend quality time outdoors enjoying the Southern California sunshine!  Whether hosting a business lunch or a birthday party for their young boys, the deck provides a beautiful, relaxing, and inspired outdoor setting for guests to enjoy.

Design, realized.

How We Built It:


Laying out the dimensions of the new deck, to give our client a sense of the actual size.  


Demo of the existing deck also involved grading the yard.  We were able to save a majority of the lumber for the original deck, which we incorporated into a future project.


We built a safety barrier in place of the original deck to help prevent an accident, should anyone exit the home via the sliding glass doors.




Although the previous deck did not extend to this area, this portion of the new deck will accommodate a large dining table and bar-b-que.

Did we mention the swimming pool?  Our client was simultaneously building a swimming pool with beautiful natural stone, so their outdoor oasis could be enjoyed to the fullest. 





Soon to be curve...


Ipe takes on such a rich, beautiful tone.


With the curved steps complete, we're ready to get to work on the posts.


Curved steps act as an elegant entrance to the deck and the rest of the yard.


This new path is an extension of the deck's curved, organic shapes.


We really enjoyed fabricating these posts and their adornments in our woodshop. 



Nighttime illumination of the post, detail.


View of the deck from a secluded little hideaway across the yard.


More "after" photos to be added soon! 

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