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Building a Modern Entry Table

Project:  The Stern Table (A Modern Entry Table)

We spent several months fine tuning the design, experimenting with various leg details, drawer faces, angles, etc., and are really happy with the final design.   

Sculpting the table legs.  Forming a design on paper is one thing, but you really get to know something when you get in the woodshop and start building.

This table was pretty complicated and time intensive to build (who designed this thing?  Oh yea, I did.) because it’s full of curves. These pictures don’t really illustrate just how many curves there are, but trust me on this, there aren’t a lot of right angles on this thing.

Just look at those curves!

It takes teamwork to make subtle adjustments, so that the tabletop is positioned just right...

Last year we designed + built a Danish Modern inspired wall unit and mantel for this same client.  We’re so thankful to have had the opportunity to design and build two significant pieces for their home, and hope our work will be enjoyed for years to come.

A second version of this table, built with a different wood species and accent color, will be available in our online shop soon.

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