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About Us


Founded in 2009 by a husband and wife creative team, we are a Design + Build studio comprised of designers, builders, fabricators, and artists.  Soul, skills, and know how - we've got all three and custom projects make us really happy.  Able and Baker, Inc. specializes in custom cabinetry and millwork, and is a premiere source for modern cabinetry, as well as Traditional and Transitional styles.  Please check us out at www.AbleAndBakerCabinets.com

We Believe

+ living amidst creativity adds to the joy in life.

+ well built furniture can still last generations.

+ you deserve more than a cookie cutter remodel, and the limited options available at your local home improvement store.

+ custom can be affordable.

+ our designs will put a smile on your face.

Josh Ganzhorn Founder, Designer, General Contractor

When Josh gets to build things, he lives and breaths life as a happy man.  He's got a head full of pictures and an artist's hands, and when trying to explain something to you he just might illustrate the thought instead.  If you have the opportunity to dine-out with Josh, you'll probably leave the restaurant with a paper napkin covered in sketches.  If you have the opportunity to visit on a Sunday morning you'll probably leave our place remembering why records are way better than cd's or MP3's, having just listened to the best sunday-morning-music set you've heard in years.

Josh has worked in the Construction industry for more than twenty years, and has been a General Contractor since 2003. 



Jen Zahigian Co-Founder, Photographer, Friendly Office Staff

Jen is a Fine Art Photographer and graduate of UC Berkeley, with a love for roadside relics, mid-century design and type, independent bookstores, and Motley Crue's first two albums.  Jen's photographs have become synonymous with California style, and the colorfully idealized visions cherished by residents and visitors alike.  Her photographs have been recognized by numerous design blogs and publications, and can be found in galleries and boutiques in the San Francisco Bay Area, including SFMOMA Artist's Gallery, as well as private collections internationally.

Jen is very happy to be married to Josh, and enjoys helping manage all things ABLE + BAKER.





1972  Joshua David Ganzhorn is born.

1981  Josh wins his first art related aware, from the Lions Club International. 

1990-2002  Josh works for various contractors, picking up skills, mostly to support himself as an artist.

2003  Josh dedicates himself to construction full time, and starts his own construction company.  Though his art career suffers, he enjoys his new and practical career commitment and the security provided by such rewards as dental insurance.

2008  Having focused his time and energy on construction for years, Josh sorely misses the creative outlet that art had always offered.  As the construction industry begins to collapse, it becomes evident that a change, and therefore an opportunity, is at hand.  While his commitment to building would remain, his life-long dedication to art would become an indispensable asset to the business.

2009  January 1st the construction company is re-invented, and renamed.  ABLE & BAKER represents this epoch, and the broader scope and definition of products and services this new company would offer. 

Today  ABLE & BAKER designs, builds, and sells objects of art and inspiration.  We're happy you're here.











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